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Our goal is to make you better. Whether you are an elite athlete or are new to CrossFit, the Iron Temple family will challenge you to reach your full potential.



Iron Temple CrossFit is a strength and conditioning facility that offers a variety of programs for all ages and fitness levels. We are passionate about coaching and are dedicated to developing athletes one at a time .:: Read More



Come on in and take a free class on Saturdays at 9:00 am. Can’t make it? to make an appointment to schedule a free class. :: Read More



Don’t wait any longer.We offer something for everyone. CrossFit classes, Olympic Weightlifting and a Hybrid program that combines them both. If cardio is what you are looking for, we offer a separate BootCamp class as well. Showers, easy access to major highways and over 13 different class times to choose from. :: Read More


It is a community of support. We will ask things of you that you will not think possible. But you will achieve them through the right coaching and the support of the members, your Iron Temple family.

Olympic Weightlifting

 At Iron Temple we offer a separate program that focuses specifically on Olympic Weightlifting. We take into consideration each client’s merit of athletic ability and take him/her step by step into achieving their goals. This class is available to both our members and also to other members of other boxes.


CrossFit requires a lot of power, speed, strength and coordination, all which is achieved through Olympic lifting. We also incorporate gymnastics skills like pull-ups, ring dips, and rope climbs. Variety is the key in CrossFit and that is why you will get results!


 Whether you are an MMA fighter, a high school baseball player or a CrossFit Games Competitor, we can tailor the workout to suit your needs. We understand your goals and will make a plan to get you there.

Our Facility

  • Over 7,000 sq. feet
  • Kid’s Play Area
  • Locker Rooms w/shower
  • Kids Classes
  • Pilates and Yoga

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